It’s Spring in Switzerland. Everything is green. Birds are chirping. Flowers are blooming. Summer is coming! Except, it doesn’t always feel this way and Spring break was no different.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Benito’s folks spent a few weeks with us and so we decided to escape to the mountains for a heavy dose of holiday memories. After living here for a year now, we now know just how quickly the weather can change and how it’s possible to experience all four seasons in one day so we packed a second suitcase with our jackets, beanies, scarves and boots, just in case, however nothing could have prepared us for the winter wonderland we woke up to on our first morning in Grindelwald.

We rented this charming little wooden chalet from AirBnB which was perfectly positioned in amongst the farmlands, making us feel very at home with its quirky farm life.

It was also perfectly positioned for easy day trips to the Blausee,


and everything in-between.

From Grindelwald we moved on to Chalet Jewel in Fieschertal (Canton Valais) where we spent some time exploring the little skiing town, Zermatt.

Jules desperately wanted to create a photo matching the picture on the Toblerone box to the tip of the Matterhorn but unfortunately the mountain was covered by a pesky cloud that would just not budge.

So we improvised a little

and left with the promise of our return.